Ignite the Divine

From the beginning of time, music has had the ability to tell a story, convey a message and take us on a journey, regardless of who we are. Melodies can touch and open the heart, inspire the spirit and feed the soul. Music uplifts and embraces all of our emotions – raw and unfiltered – reminding us that each of our experiences is of value as it awakens another part of ourselves.

I truly believe that each of us has the innate ability to share something valuable with others. We can all contribute and play a role, however small that may be, in the evolution of our collective consciousness. By reminding ourselves of who we are – an individualised aspect of the Divine consciousness – we are able to transform the way we view and live our lives. This enables us to live from our highest sense of self, thus fulfilling our greatest potential. 

We are living in a time where it is crucial that we consciously direct our focus on creating a sense of unity rather than accentuating separation from one another. With my album Ignite the Divine, I hope to express this united consciousness through my music and lyrics.


Since childhood I have always felt an inner calling and strong desire to express all emotions through music. I felt an instant connection to the piano when I started lessons at the age of ten. My favourite aspect of music was always composing. I attended an Art-Ballet-Music-Drama high school in South Africa, where piano was my first instrument and violin my second. I then attended a local college where I studied popular classical music and jazz before moving to London in the ‘90s, where I recorded my first album Illusions. At present, I run meditation and healing groups/sessions using sound and energy healing. I also have a great passion for dance and run workshops as a Chakradance facilitator. Additionally I teach piano privately and part-time at a school.

"To the soul that knows its own divinity, all else must gravitate."

Before sitting at the piano to write any musical piece or song, I always meditate.

I try to completely surrender and allow the music and the lyrics to naturally flow and evolve on their own. The more I am able to disengage and not force any ideas, the more easily the music comes to life. This is the process I have followed for the first three tracks on this album. I am working on seven in total.

Here is a brief summary of the three songs

  1. ‘Devas of the Earth’
    Is about us seeing and listening to the signs we are shown that our Mother Earth is in need of our care. Nature (through her Devas) is willing to help and guide us in our caretaking role, but it is important that we accept our responsibility and take action. We can then work together in harmony with nature to help save our home – the earth.
  2. ‘Our Journey’
    Illuminates the sacred journey we each undertake as a soul. It starts with the beginning of creation till now. The music and lyrics then move us further and beyond as we evolve and come back full circle to our Source, which is the home of our true Self. After going on this meditative journey with the music, we arrive back with a greater understanding of who we are and a heightened consciousness. 
  3. ‘Buddha’ 
    Is a prayer and invocation of the Buddha energy. It captures the essence of our Buddha nature, which is the expression of our highest sense of self. When we live from this inner Buddha state, we alleviate the suffering from this world as we are able to transform our own pain and suffering, removing it from the collective consciousness.

When I listen to these songs, strong visual images arise within my mind’s eye. Creating a visual component with the songs would be a powerful way to enhance the efficacy of the music and its messages.

The process of creating these tracks has been a great blessing for me. I feel so much gratitude for being able to witness and be a part of this creation of music. Working with the producer Nigel Pegrum at Pegasus studios is an incredible privilege and a gift to me as his passion, expertise and greatly appreciated collaboration has allowed for the birth of these tracks to occur.


Although piano and voice are the central core of all my compositions, the addition of cello, viola, violin, flute and orchestral percussion together with backing vocals have taken my original concept to new heights. To these musicians who have been part of this creative process, I owe and feel much appreciation and gratitude. These instruments will certainly feature in future tracks, along with didgeridoo, other orchestral instruments and a selection of exotic flutes such as the Arabian and Tibetan flute.

My vision for the future of this music is to complete the album Ignite the Divine, surrendering to the process, the journey. I would then like to share the compilation with others, finding the best outlet and most effective way to do so. My intention is to touch the hearts of my listeners so the energy of each track inspires and ignites the Divine within them.

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